Advanced Features

As the results of latest improvements from OnyxStar®, XENA is a highly professional drone. It has been designed in accordance to robustness, quality, versatility and efficiency fundamentals.

Compact & Foldable

As the world most compact octocopter ever built, XENA fits in a small protective case making transportation on field and storage really easy.

Fully automated flights

Thanks to the cutting-edge electronics and accessories embedded, XENA can perform fully automated flights, from take-off to landing.

Smart & Safe

Numerous safety features are included in the XENA. These automatic failsafe procedures ensure flying in complete peace of mind.

Single battery

XENA is a rationally designed system. It runs with a single battery which greatly simplify supply management and operations on field.

Highly versatile

Thanks to its rational and smart conception, XENA is a multivalent tool that can be operated on any kind of drone applications.

RTK positioning (optional)

As a modular drone, XENA can be upgraded with several options including Real Time Kinematics centimetric precision positioning.

Technical information

  • Empty weight – 2 Kg / 4.41 lbs
  • Max Recommended Payload (MRP) – 2 Kg / 4.41 lbs
  • Take-Off Weight @ MRP – 5.6 Kg / 11 lbs
  • Octocopter foldable frame – 8 motors
  • Protection dome color – customizable
  • Diagonal wheelbase – 720 mm
  • Folded dimensions (L x W x H) – 260 x 430 x 450 mm
  • Transport case – 60 x 48 x 35 cm
  • Flight time – up to 37 min
  • Endurance with 1.5 Kg / 2.2 lbs of payload – 27 min
  • Tethered flights – Compatible
  • Wind resistance (continuous) – 12.5 m/s
  • Water resistant – Tested in rainy weather
  • Max operating altitude (AMSL) – 5000 m / 16,400 ft
  • Operating temperature – 5°F ~ 104°F / -15°C ~ +40°C

“More than just drones, our systems are authentic aircraft”

OnyxStar team


In accordance to OnyxStar’s philosophy, XENA is a versatile and powerful drone that can lift a broad range of sensors. XENA is operated by numerous professionals worldwide for their daily commercial needs.


Set to perform airborne LiDAR surveys by drone

Payload: OnyxScan LiDAR

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Set to provide local air support to public safety services

Payload: HD camera with powerful zoom + Thermal camera

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Set to perform aerial photogrammetry operations by drone

Payload: Ultra high definition DSLR cameras

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onyxstar-xena-drone-uav-pro-thermography-thermogram-optris-flir-vue-heat-balance-gaz leak

Set to perform aerial thermal inspections by drone

Payload: Optris PI 640, Flir Vue Pro R, etc.


Set to perform aerial surveillance and security operations by drone

Payload: Electro-optical / infra-red gimbal (EO/IR)

altigator drone uav xena terra agriculture crop yield management multispectral wine - Fly XENA UAV

Set to perform crop yield management by drone

Payload: Tetracam ADC series, MicaSense Rededge, etc.


Set to perform technical monitoring operations by drone

Payload: Sony HX60V, Sony Alpha 6000, Flir Vue Pro, etc.


Set to perform air search and rescue support by drone

Payload: HD camera with zoom and Flir Vue Pro

onyxstar drone xena uav uas custom payload mount sensor - Fly XENA UAV

Set for lifting the specific equipment you want by a drone

Payload: Up to 2 Kg (4.4 lbs)

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